Get in the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is just around the corner and we are all out buying gifts, wrapping, and preparing for the big day!!  Below I listed/explained some of my favorite things to do!

1. Buy good quality wrapping paper!  This may seem like a small detail, but once you start wrapping this makes all the difference!  Also, your family will notice the beautiful wrapping job!  (Another way to make your presents pop just that extra little bit is add a beautiful bow and decoration.  For example a cheap ($1-2) ornament from Target can add a wonderful addition to any gift)

2. Wrap tinsel garland around your tree.  I have an artificial tree (I live in Florida and realistically a “real” tree just doesn’t last) which is decorated with multi-colored ornaments.  I have a lot of Disney/Mickey ornaments, most of which are colored, but the solid ones are silver.  To make my tree come together I add silver tinsel garland, silver glittery “stick” accents, and a glittery silver snowflake!  All the silver makes the lights reflect out and adds such dimension to your tree!

3. Buy ornaments year round.  This past year when my boyfriend and I went to new places (such as the zoo, aquarium, one trip to Disney) we bought a Christmas ornament at each.  When we got home we put them in a special place.  When decorating our tree we were able to spend time reminiscing about our great memories from the year.

4. Recipes for party hosting:

Baked Brie –

Sweet and Sour Crockpot Meatballs (put on a skewer and serve them up) –

Swedish Nuts (these are my favorite holiday treat!) –

5. Throw a ornament exchange party.  While we do this at work, it is a fun way to get your friends together for some fun.  I have also heard of a cookie exchange party.  (Everyone brings 3 dozen cookies.  Everyone puts them out on the table and exchange. You bring 3 dozen… You leave with 3 dozen!)

These are just some beginning ideas!  As the holiday gets closer I will be posting more! 🙂



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